We Are One+Together is on a mission to build a world of inclusion, unity, mutual respect, freedom and dignity for everyone.


We Are One +Together believes that the time has come that we must live in a world where everyone is include and no one is left behind.   A world in which everyone has the freedom  to be who they truly are and the rights, opportunities, and support to live flourishing, healthy and rewarding lives.  A world where we are united in our differences not separated by them.


Through funding provide by Zirkova Vodka We Are One+Together creates awareness campaigns, develops community programs and supports a network of partner organizations

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One+Together Vodka
With Oceanic

Zirkova's partnership with Oceanic Global--the international creative non-profit committed to protecting the world's oceans against irrevocable damage, supports Zirkova One+Together's mission to make the world a better place. By funding and guiding the unveiling and implementation of Oceanic Global's "Oceanic Standard," Zirkova will foster sustainability education, positive environmental training and practical application of Oceanic's hospitality-focused plan to reduce plastic in the hospitality industry.