How to Become a Fashion Stylist

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

If you’re asking yourself how to become a fashion stylist you came to the right place.
Being a fashion stylist is one of the best jobs out there and it’s one of the popular professions in the fashion industry and it is also well paid. Finding a job in this industry can be frustrating and very competitive and of course you must work hard to gain employment as a fashion stylist.
Here are a few examples of several misconceptions if you choose to become a fashion designer:

  • A person doesn’t have to work hard to advance in this field and obtain more jobs
  • It is an easy job and can be done by anybody with a little knowledge
  • A person will have a comfortable life after getting the fashion stylist job

If you want to be a successful fashion stylist you must have some essential skills

  • Gaining experience. It’s probably the best way to go. Experience and knowledge is gained by working in this extraordinary field. The best way to gain experience is to be an intern with a fashion magazine or the second option is to find an experienced and established fashion designer who is looking for an assistant. The following websites are a great place to find internships all around the world: Entertainment Careers, Free Fashion Internships, The Loop and Daily Fashion Jobs.
    Another way is to call established fashion designers from your local area and ask them if they accept and if they are in need of an assistant. There are myths about this job, but you have to be determined to be successful, and you must be prepared for hard and long work for free.
    Your responsibilities can be vary depending on your project and on the stylist. People get hired for physical work, such as sending a few samples to a showroom or something like that., or to help selecting the wardrobe for the designer, preparing customers/visitors for small, medium, big public events, or other tasks needed for the assignment.
  • Opt for professional training – it will give you credibility and valuable information on how the fashion industry works, and last, but not least it will open up doors to fashion stylists from your local area, it will be easier this way to break into the industry. An informative and good course should teach you about the importance of color, fashion history, trends and cycles, outfits and props, sourcing locations and building your business. There are classrooms and online courses, which can help you, pushing you in the right direction to become a professional fashion stylist. A lot of them are expensive, but all well worth the money because you will learn from the greatest minds in the fashion industry. Be wise and choose the proper course.
  • It’s important to be persistent. You must keep in mind that you will work hard for nothing; for a while. Remember: if you become a well-known and successful stylist; and if you reached your end goal – you’re not the star, you are providing a service in a big industry. You always have to take care of your client and she/he comes first – this is the nature of being a stylist.
    Work hard. Work ethic is key if you want to accomplish anything. Personally, I don’t think you must have a formal training, but it helps. If you have an editorial background, it’s a plus.
  • Be well-read. Keeping up-to-date with all the new fashion trends and following people on various social media networks – fashion-wise is a key to success. Following trade publications such as Elle and WWD and to know what’s happening in the industry is a must. Study up-and-coming designers, learning about designers, and getting familiar with most of the collections and editorials are valuable assets. Once you’ve established yourself you will not have a lot of spare time to do research, so you must read and follow everything fashion related in the beginning and while you’re working.
  • Learning by doing is the key. It’s very important to be an intern for another stylist because they need extra hands. Reach out to stylists you admire and if this isn’t an option for you, go for the world of entertainment. You need confidence because as a stylist you must be confident in your job and assertive. You should know by now that a good stylist must have passion for fashion and a great eye for detail. Keep an eye open for emerging fashion trends, it will help you a lot if you follow website and fashion shows like Fashion TV and, fashion blogs and fashion magazines.
  • One last tip for you, having excellent interpersonal skills and flexibility is a good addition to your knowledge when it comes to dealing with various types of clients. Professional attitude, a sense of humor, ability to think outside the box, creativity, the ability to work in a team and meet deadlines, motivation, punctuality, and ability to work long hours.

How to find employment as a Fashion Stylist?

First, create a professional portfolio of your work to be able to find the job you desire and like, assuming you have styling experience. Websites like:

  • Style Portofolios
  • The Loop
  • Behance
  • Dripbook

It’s great to add your online portfolio so other can easily find you – in addition to that, you can find other fashion stylist’s portfolios. If you want to learn more about how to create a fashion styling portfolio click here. Having a professional website is a plus because it can help you gain employment. Do make sure that you’re website contains “about me”, “privacy policy”, “portfolio”, “contact” page and don’t forget your blog.

Why having a blog is important? Because you can let your audience know what’s on your mind, let them know great information about the industry even if you’re just starting out. It’s important to have visitors on your portfolio website. Your readers will get to know you better and maybe get inspired by your ideas.
A minimal template with the fresh new web design trends is very important. Make sure you hire someone or learn how to create a website (it’s very easy these days) – just use to help you create a website.

Make friends with photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers and other people in the industry.
Below you will find websites which are great for networking and finding unpaid and paid styling work:

  • Model Mayhem
  • Lots of Style

How much money can I earn?

  • Most designers are self-employed, which means they can be paid in many different ways and choose their own rates:
  • Some are paid by the day (day rate) and some have an hourly wage. You don’t have to worry about this for now, start small and grow steadily (grow professionally). An entry level fashion stylist can earn $20 / hour or $200 a day. Experienced stylists can make something between $500 and $5000 daily, and those who work for the most popular brands, super-models and celebrities can earn over $5000 a day or $120,000 annually.
  • Less money you will receive for editorial assignments. Advertising campaigns and commercials pay the most.

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