How to Make Beautiful Eyes

Now keep an eye open for the latest eye make up tricks and ways to apply eye shadow. If you have sensitive eyes that blink a lot, try using a hand mirror and look down into it. Before making up eyes check that foundation is smooth, dark rings are camouflaged and all powder is settled.

How to Make Beautiful Eyes

Attend to the eye brows. Check them first for length, thin it if necessary and brush up wards for an instant wide awake look. Don `t make mistake of having brows too short or sloping off up ward, giving you a surprised expression, to determine where they should start and finish. Hold a pencil against the side of your nose.

The point will indicate the start. Then swing the pencil in an arc to the outer corner of the eye. The point will indicate the end of the brow. Brush brows in to shape before plucking out stray hairs from underneath the brows and from between the brows. If your skin is sensitive and brows look red after ward, dab with freshener, but do it before starting make up. If brows are sparse fill in with light feathery strokes, using an appropriately coloured eye brow pencil. Now start with your eyes. Take an eye pencil, check first that is soft enough, then line the lids top and bottom, preferably out side the lashes keeping hand steady and pencil at a flattish angle to the eye. Stop the line short of the inner corners of the eye to avoid a narrowing effect.


If eyes are close set, keep to the outer halves of the lids only. Use the same pencil to emphasize the natural contour of the eye at the crease. Choose the shadow tones that are well with your eye pencil, smudge it over the upper lids, blending it down into the line and up into the crease. You can continue building with colour here, in order to intensify the effect. Continue colour out to the sides of the eyes, add high lighter to brow bone. Use clean fingers or applicator and blend outwards. Now take your eye liner and make a wider than usual line above the lashes and under the eye to enlarge your eye.

Curl your eye lashes with eye lash curler, and apply several thin coats to underneath as well as to top side lashes. Then remove any excess with a brush separating lashes as you do so. TO MAKE SMALL EYES APPEAR LARGER

Line in side of lids with soft white pencil. Use a smoky grey or brown pencil underneath lower lashes. Finish with black mascara. LIFT DROOPY EYES. By drawing a thin line at the inner corner of upper lid and steadily widening it so that it covers the outer corner of the lid entirely.


By lining outer halves of upper and lower lids with darkish pencil, then apply a lighter shadow over the pencil and smudge out. WIDEN EYES SET TOO CLOSE TOGETHER. Shade a dark triangle across the outer corner of the upper eye lid.

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