How to protect your skin during outdoor exercises

If you exercise outdoors, exposed to sun, wind or cold. You ‘ll need special protection. Out side exercises is one of the cause of premature aging skin. This problem is not a result of exercise but of the elements they are exposed to. A few simple precautions can prevent this kind of skin damage.This post will show how to protect skin during outdoor exercises.

Outdoor protection.
*. Always use a sunblock, specially before going outside.
*. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the face, hand and feet before swimming.
*. Wear gloves to protect hands from cold and wind.
*. Wear dark shade sun glasses.
*. Use a moisturizer to protect the face from cold weather.
*. Apply a thin coat of Aqualin to the face, over a sunblock before skiing.
*. In summer, the heat stimulates the oil glands. They secrete more, so your face is oilier, so keep your pores as clean as possible and be sure to close them with cold water or ice.
*. Don’t try to touch your face during outdoors in day time. The wind always brings dirt and dust, and because it is so hot and humid in summer season, these impurities stick to the skin, and transfer from your  hands to your face.
*. Drink water as much as you can, perspiration is healthy but it will rid you of a lot of water that your body and your skin need.
*. Use a lip balm, petroleum jelly and a vitamin E stick to keep lips moist.
Indoor protection.
*. Keep the face free of makeup when exercising. A water base foundation can be allowed but bare face is much better.
*. Use a towel to mop perspiration from the face gently while exercising.
*. After exercising, rehydrate the skin by splashing the face 15 times with lukewarm water.
*. Cleanse the face immediately after exercising to remove toxin, oils, and perspiration.
*. If your face get red after exercise splash cool water onto your face, or take a cool shower. Going to a cooler air-conditioned environment will also help, avoid to go out of the sun.
*. After a hard workout, the skin continues to release toxins and perspiration for as much as 30 minutes. It is a good idea to keep your face make-up free during this period, If possible. You may even want to reapply toner, using a cotton ball, before applying make-up.

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